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Quality Products, Made Right, and Delivered on Time!
Quality Products, Made Right, and Delivered on Time!
I know this may sound simple, but that is our goal. The truth is we want things to be simple. The world has become much too complicated and if we can simplify your life a little we have done our job.

These three things are what you can expect from Premier Glass Products. 1 - Quality Products: If it does not meet our quality control we will remake it until it is right. 2 - Made Right: We have a system in place that checks all of our work in triplicate to make sure that the produt you recieve is the one you ordered. 3 - Delivered on Time: We know that when things don't arrive as promised it throws off the whole day and sometimes the week.

We will do everything within our power to live up the these three expectations we have set for ourselves and have invited you to hold us to. We care deeply about your business and want to do all that we can to see you succeed. 

Premier Glass Products
2060 Chicago Ave Unit B-8
Riverside, CA
Phone: 909.693.4551

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