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Our Story
On the way home from Vacation in September 2011 Chris got the call. The call that IGP (Insualted Glass Products) was closing it's doors for good. As Chris his wife and 2 kids continued the drive home, they began to talk about what was next. Knowing that God would provide for them and open doors, they were not worried but definately curious.  

Chris, a part time Pastor in San Bernardino, originally took a job with IGP as a part time delivery driver in 2009 just to help make ends meet. He worked as a delivery driver for about 9 months and then was promoted to outside sales. In 2010 a new owner came into IGP and began teaching Chris the business, amazingly God was setting him up for things to come. 

Within a couple of hours of getting the call that the company was closing, customers began to call Chris as well. Many of them were wondering what they were going to do now that IGP was gone. This got Chris thinking.

This was the beginning of Premier Glass Products. Within just a matter of days deals were beginning to be made, Dougie (Shop Manager) and Nancy (Office Manager) came on board, and three weeks later Premier Glass Products opened it's doors. 

We all desired to open a shop that was a little different than the others that were out there. In a sense we wanted to carry on the legacy of IGP. We wanted a business that cared about their customers success. One that was focused on Quality over quantity, a place you could go when you could not find it anywhere else. I hope that we are living up to that standard, and we will continue to refine that so that we are the best in the business. 

We are now over a year into business and still going strong. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for us. 

Thanks for your business and please let us know how we may serve you!!!

Premier Glass Products
2060 Chicago Ave Unit B-8
Riverside, CA
Phone: 909.693.4551

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